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We Run to

Persevere in Ifa

E kaabo! Welcome to our community of practitioners of authentic West African Orisa Tradition. Our community is composed of diverse followers of Yoruba spiritual tradition. We are available to all that are seeking a living, ancient african spiritual path for healing, empowerment and growth in a modern world.

Asaforitifa Temple of Orisa is composed of folks dedicated to fostering understanding of the indigenous Orisa Tradition of Yorubaland in the United States, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Cuba, Brazil and other countries. We are involved in building lasting friendships and bridges with open-minded prhhactitioners of african-based religious traditions such as haitian Vodou, trinidadian Orisa tradition, ghanaian Akan, african Vodun, cuban Lucumi, brazilian Candomble and Batuque, etc that embrace their african origins. Our goal is upliftment of community through african spirituality.

Ijo Asaforitifa is open to all that embrace Africa, its peoples and cultures, and does not discriminate based on race, gender, nationality, disability, age, nor sexual orientation. We promote acceptance and accomodation for the diversity of humanity, all of which has its ultimate origin on the continent of Africa.

An Ifa or Eerindinlogun reading can help you chart your path in life with the help of the Yoruba deities. Make an appointment today to

get the guidance and empowerment you need!!

Contact or call 786-529-1611.

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