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About Us

Our community is open to all those seeking an african spiritual path directly from West Africa.

We are available for a host of services including:

  • spiritual consultation/readings
  • african naming ceremonies
  • personal, home and business cleansing and blessing
  • wedding ceremonies and renewal of vows, west african style
  • shrines, pots, and initiations to Ifa, Obatala, Egungun, Odu/Olofin, Ori, Mole/Ogboni, Sango, Oya, Orisa Aje, Oduduwa, Sango, Yemoja, Yewa, Orisa Oba, Aganju, Osanyin, Yemoo, Orisa Oko, Oro, Erinle, Ologun Ede, Ogun, Esu, Egbe, Osun (Oshun), Obaluaye, Oya, Osoosi, Olokun, Olosa, Osumare, Dada/Baayanni, Nana Bukuu, Korikoto, and many other deities
  • yoruba language instruction
  • spiritual life-coach/priestly training
  • guest speaking engagements
  • help with money, love, adversaries, etc.
  • yoruba sculptures
  • yoruba attire
  • yoruba spiritual and herbal amulets and medicines

*** To learn more and find out how you can apply Yoruba spirituality to bettering your life write us at ***

An Ifa or Eerindinlogun reading can help you chart your path in life with the help of the Yoruba deities. Make an appointment today to

get the guidance and empowerment you need!!

Contact or call 786-529-1611.

Feel free to join us on our other sites:

IndigeneOrisa Yahoo Group

Gbawoniyi on Facebook

slideshow of Chief Aikulola

Babalawo Fasola Manuel Alejo

We welcome your support as we

continually help our mostly financially challenged but spiritually enriched

and generous elders, brothers and

sisters in our Orisa community of Nigeria,

West Africa.


Miami Beach, FL 33141

Oosa Pipe

Pronounced "osha pee-pay", this is the poetry of Obatala being chanted to call the deity during my Iyaloosa's, Adunola Dalemofoosa, Obatala (Oosa Olufon) festival in Oyo township, Oyo State, Nigeria. There are usually several groups of chanters for Obatala from various neighboring areas, as well as the chanters of other deities such as Egbe, Sango, Ifa, Ogun, etc. The leader of this group of Obatala chanters being heard in this recording is a priestess of Obatala from the neighboring town of Iseyin in Oyo dialect speaking area.

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