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Seeking new apprentices/students in West African Orisa Tradition in Miami and environs!!

Welcoming potential new apprentices/students for West African Orisa Tradition and Community in Miami and neighboring areas!!

Ijo Asaforitifa - West African Orisa Community open to receiving new prospective apprentices for training and initiation within our extended family in South Florida.

Ours is an international community of dedicated members that practice West African Orisa Tradition worldwide as is done in Yorubaland of Nigeria and Benin Republic. Our community members can be found in countries such as the USA, Brazil, Spain (Canary Islands and the Iberian Peninsula), Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Canada, and Australia.


Those interested in becoming a part of our family should meet several criteria including:

-must be interested in practicing 100% West African Orisa Tradition.

-can be of any age, but younger folks that are eager to assist and work towards community building and training and initiation should not hesitate.

-preference will be given to those that display loyalty to the leadership and mentors of our community and that are ready to work hard and be of assistance in any way possible.

-must be able to contribute to the events and growth of our community and be ready to work with others in our extended family to help uplift one another.

-will be required to spend 6 months to a year in review so as to get to know the individual that has expressed interest in becoming a member.

-must be prepared to eventually go through initiation rites within our community for those seeking to practice professionally as priests and priestesses of the Orisa.

-those that have been initiated into other Orisa traditions must be ready to practice 100% West African Orisa Tradition and go through the necessary rites of passage within our community; our preference is for those young individuals that have no prior experience nor rites of passage in another community (its often easier to work with a blank slate)

-interviewing will be a part of the process as well as interaction during secular and spiritual events.

***We reserve the right to refusal or even expulsion.

Training includes:

-kolanut casting and interpreting

-yoruba (orisa) food preparation and ways they are offered

-divination training with Eerindinlogun (16 cowries) and Ifa (opele and ikin)

-performing life-force offerings

-training to perform ebo riru with Ifa or Eerindinlogun

-weekly worship services (ose) for each of the deities

-song for the orisa

-orisa dancing

-music for the orisa

-cleansings, baths

-medicines and charm making for spiritual and physical healing as well as shaping one's life

-home and business blessings

-naming ceremony and birth rites

-orisa / ifa initiation procedures

-yoruba traditional wedding

-funeral rites

-basic yoruba language training

-and much more!

Those interested should send an email with their full name and the city in which they live to or call 1-786-709-3343.

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