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We provide numerous Yoruba spiritual artwork for shrines as well as other educational and

spiritual supplies for our community.

An Ifa or Eerindinlogun reading can help you chart your path in life with the help of the Yoruba deities. Make an appointment today to

get the guidance and empowerment you need!! Contact or call 786-709-3343.

Osun ni Iye - Osun is Our Maternal Deity

A video of songs and dances directly from Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. Includes singing, drumming, and dancing for Orisa Osun (Oshun), Olokun, and Egbe. Featuring the Iya Oya of Osogbo, Oloye Aikulola Fawehinmi, babalawo Awosanmi Sekou Alaje, as well as a host of other priests and priestesses of various Orisa. Video was shot at several important sites such as the Sacred Osun Grove of Osogbo as well as the Agesin Jawe Ifa Spiritual and Herbal Healing Home. $24.99

Yangi (laterite stone)

the most important element to consecrate many different types of Esu (Elegbaa). All of these are directly from Yorubaland. Sizes and prices vary. Contact for more info.

Carved calabash (igba)

one of the containers for Orisa icons, can be used as an Orisa "pot" for Obatala, Ifa, Oduduwa, Oke, Osun, Yemoja, etc. Can also be used as a ceremonial container for chieftancy installations, naming ceremonies, house warming, and even as shrine and home decoration. Many strong Ifa medicines for prosperity, love, and success in endeavors are prepared and placed within these carved calabashes. out of stock

Ikin Ifa

The original and sacred icon of the Orisa called Orunmila or Ifa. These are from the real ope Ifa (Ifa palm tree) that is only used as a sacred shrine of Orunmila. Ikin Ifa is not from the regular oil palm. Real Ikin Ifa has 4 or more eyes. The non-sacred oil palm tree produces only ekuro which is not sacred to Ifa at all.


Ifa tapper used to tap on the sacred ifa board know as opon ifa. It is used to call on Orunmila, praise those that recite the verses of Ifa, as well as a sacred symbol of office of babalawo and iyanifa.

Obi Abata

The true and original obi of all the world's Orisa traditions. Real obi abata, or kolanut, divides into 3 or more lobes. It is cast for almost all the Orisa, with the exception of Sango who only takes orogbo, or bitter kolanut. We also have Obi Gbanja, which only divides into two lobes, and is offered to only several deities, but always in addition to the original obi abata.

Osun (camwood)

the red pigment used for all Orisa and Ifa initiations, as well as painting sacred symbols and Orisa containers and shrines. Also used for many Ifa medicines for spiritual and physical healing and prayer.

Ataare (guinea pepper)

Known variably as "guinea pepper", "alligator pepper", or "grains of paradise", ataare is a must have for all Orisa devotees. It is used to give power to prayers and incantations, as well as one of the basic items for naming ceremonies, weddings, initiations, and many spiritual charms and medicines in Ifa tradition.


another variation of Ifa tapper. The kneeling female is an image and eternal yoruba symbol of devotion and supplication. Ifa tradition honors and enlists the aid of female elemental power.

Irukere (horse-tail / fly-wisk)

used as a shrine decoration, and to be used by various chief priests and priestesses. Is also used during the process of ebo riru while Odu Ifa Okanran Osa is chanted. Its purpose is to manifest respect, honor, and to drive away negative forces.

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